What We Do

Drawing on over 35 years of experience in conservation, real estate and non-profit management, Ross Pilling formed CDP in 1993 to provide a range of services to non-profit organizations, corporate and private property owners and their professional advisors as well as local, county, State and Federal Government. Specializing in creating conservation solutions for distinctive lands, the firm operates nationally, with an emphasis on clients in the Mid-Atlantic States.

CDP capabilities in land conservation extend to the cross-disciplinary field of Financial, Estate and Tax Planning. We know how to bring into focus the tax, economic, real estate and practical issues that must be resolved to protect land values and natural resources.

Conservation Transactions

As a project leader in land transactions, CDP structures acquisitions of land and conservation easements, transferring them at settlement to public or conservancy ownership. Depending on a property owner's tax profile, land or easements are sometimes conveyed to public agencies at below fair market value.

Land trusts and local government organizations often work with CDP to secure funding for land transactions and donations. They appreciate the due diligence, financial and tax expertise and technical assistance we provide. We initiate, direct and implement complex conservation projects including planning, acquisition, restoration and fund-raising. Project management often includes considering issues like water quality, public funding, "brownfields" and cultural resources.

Financial, Tax and Estate Planning for Property Owners

We help property owners determine if their land would be a good candidate for conservation and charitable donation and recommend alternative land uses or facilitate a transaction. The Conservation Development Partnership, through market research and analysis, careful determination of individuals' unique property and financial goals, develops a comprehensive land use plan, including buying, owning, leasing, selling and conserving land to meet financial reward and conservation goals. We develop the strategy and implement it in as simple and straightforward way as possible for optimal return.

Landowners appreciate working with CDP because as a private party, CDP can move quickly, confidentially and predictably. CDP structures transactions to meet the financial and time needs of landowners. CDP also provides expertise in tax benefits, appraisals, title issues, property surveys, brownfield issues and public agency procedures. We provide both institutional and individual clients with practical and tested strategies to achieve the highest level of coordinated financial, tax and estate planning.