The Business of Conservation

As Principal of The Conservation Development Partnership, Ross Pilling collaborates with the land trust community to facilitate conservation transactions including, purchase of or donation of, land or conservation easements. Ross represents landowners or easement holders in land conservation transactions and specializes in ensuring that donors benefit from local, state and federal tax incentives for land conservation and that land is protected with a perpetual and defensible form of conservation easement. He has facilitated numerous successful and enduring conservation transactions during his 35+ year career in land conservation practice.

As a land specialist, Ross had, for a decade, devoted more than half his time to The Conservation Fund, acquiring interests in land on behalf of The US Fish and Wildlife Service, The US Forest Service and The National Park Service. In that time, he was the project leader involved in preserving 2,672 acres in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with a fair market value of over $28 million.

CDP Projects

bullet point Syndicated complex, multi-level funding source land acquisition projects, resulting in the protection of 1,321 acres in the National Wildlife Refuge System in New Jersey; six projects with fair market value of over $15 million under contract with The Conservation Fund (TCF).

bullet point Completed first US Forest Service Forest Legacy easement purchase in PA on 1,100-acre Gifford Pinchot Grey Tower property, birthplace of forestry practice in the US (TCF).

bullet point Structured purchase of a 130-acre Philadelphia Archdiocese property resulting in an 80-acre addition to Valley Forge National Historical Park with connecting easements to abutting John James Audubon Mill Grove Mansion and the Valley Forge to Philadelphia Trail. (TCF)

bullet point Negotiated purchase of seven municipal acquisitions, protecting 305 acres in Mongtomery County, PA, fair market value of $6.5 million at a cost to the client of $1.0 million througn leverage with MONTCO and PA State grant programs

bullet point Managed settlement of $6.5 million 104-acre estate property resulting in complete protection by easement with Montgomery County Lands Trust and a 60-acre gift to Natural Lands Trust with endowments.

bullet point Secured grants to acquire easments on three signature agricultural preservaton properties in Montgomery County, PA with a fair market value of $9.4 million.