Conservation Development Partnership
Conservation Development Partnership
The Conservation Development Partnership helps owners of distinctive properties preserve the natural character of their land by enabling them to make informed decisions.

Property owners often do not know where to turn for the comprehensive advice they need to realize their desired outcomes for their land. Since 1994, The Conservation Development Partnership, headed by Ross Pilling, has provided comprehensive personalized advice on complex real estate issues, including development plans, estate and tax planning plus potential use and value projections.

The Conservation Development Partnership has a proven track record of solving problems in a straightforward way, utilizing a broad perspective to help property owners find the right solutions to protect the value of their land while meeting financial and conservation goals.

Research and Analysis

An extensive review of existing land holdings maximizes the potential for successful financial and environmentally sound land asset planning. Our analysis features:

  • Land Suitability Study
  • Prospects for Limited Development
  • Market Research
  • Appraisal Management
  • Financial, Tax and Estate Planning
  • Planning and Zoning Analysis
  • Sewer, Water and Roadway Design Supervision
  • Survey and Engineering Supervision
  • Legal Coordination

Preserving & Protecting

The Conservation Development Partnership merges two goals - land protection and significant financial return. Critical environmental areas can be preserved. Protection methods include:

  • Conservation Easements
  • Environmental Resource Inventory
  • Charitable Giving
  • Coordination of Estate Planning
  • Phase I Environmental Investigation

Real Estate Development

The Conservation Development Partnership coordinates every aspect of initial concept through all levels of approval to final disposition of conservation transactions.

  • Entitlements and Approvals; Township, County, State, Federal
  • Construction Coordination
  • Utility and Infrastructure Installation
  • Strategically Targeted Marketing
  • Brochures and Advertising
  • Sales Coordination
  • Conveyancing; Estoppels, Subordinations
  • Title Report Satisfaction
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Water Well and Soil Systems
  • Home Inspections

Conservation Development Partnership
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